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Everything You Need to Know About Roses

Posted on November 14, 2022

With layers of petals, alluring fragrances, and lots of symbolism, roses are easy to love. But did you know that rose hips are richer in vitamin C than oranges? Or that the rose is the national flower of both the United States and England?


Once you learn more about these flowers, you’ll find that you just have to order roses for yourself or a loved one. Not only will their beauty impress you, but all the cool rose facts will as well.

Never run out of Varieties of Rose

Commonly botanic generally accept that there are about 150 types or species of rose currently available all around the word. However, some of the extreme rose splitter and lovers, they are able to divide roses into more than 4000 types. With thousand of hybrid breeds, we can find almost every shape and color for roses. Regardless how detail we split roses, there are 5 main types that everyone can agree with below


Hybrid Tea Roses: These are a modern rose with straight and long stems which are perfect for vases.

Miniature Roses: These roses look like the mini version of hybrid tea roses.

Polyantha Roses: These roses have clusters of small flowers that bloom spring through fall.

Floribunda Roses: These roses produce clumps of large blossoms.

Old Garden Roses: These roses existed before the 1867 development of the hybrid tea rose.


Every Rose Has its Thorn

The commonly known facts is that roses have thorns. However, we seldom discuss about despite those thorns, animals like deer still eat rose! Human consume rose petals as well. It is known to have certain medical effect like reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive diseases.


Rose Fossils

Roses have been on planet earth for quite some time. To be more precise, roses are older than human. The old rose fossils that we have discovered nowadays is about 35 millions years old, which prove that roses existed way before humans made their way into the world.


A Long-Lived Bloom

Besides the fact that roses been around for a long time. Roses also can live for a long time. One of the rose plant growing in Germany is believe to be about 1000 years old! This rose plant nearly killed during WWII, however, it stay strong and sprout new growth the next year.


Rose Oil is expensive?

Most of the people should heard about Rose essential oil before. However, there are only small group of people know that it is taking more 2000 roses just to produce 1 gram of rose essential oil. Now you know why pure and good quality rose essential oil are never cheap.

Similar to other essential oil, rose essential oil has the unique benefits like decrease anxiety, stress, and pain. Plus, it can even increase libido!


Numbers Matter in Rose Bouquet

Roses are not merely symbols of love and romance. The number of roses you give someone plays a large role in the gift’s meaning. We decoded the meaning for number of roses as below:


One Rose: Love at first sight, Only Love

Two Roses: A special bond between two people

Six Roses: Passionate & Wild Love

Twelve Roses: You are Mine

Twenty-five roses: Congratulation!

Fifty Roses: Limitless Love

99 Roses: Love that Last for Forever

Roses Make Great Gifts

Roses are not only beautiful, it is also long lasting. It can easily last for a week or more in vase with clean water at room temperature. If in your entire life, you have not been given someone a bouquet of roses, you should do it now!


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